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The Dog Cross Fit is a dog sport that is practiced safely, open to all breeds, and from 4 months. These activities are linked to a connection between human and dog and they practice with mutual trust.

It consists of overcoming obstacles to standards and approved by the Dog Cross Fit Federation, on sites approved for these activities.

The 4 obstacles are hedge crossing, long jump, high jump and a vertical climb on a 90-degree wall.

There are several categories, and depending on your dog’s size at the withers, or its variety, you will participate under one or the other category.

Competitors compete to try to cross the highest dimensions chosen by the owner of the dog, and will have 3 tests to validate this dimension before they can hope to increase the height.

The Dog Cross Fit showcases the functionality of each dog, and sets up these 4 tackles to work on multiple movements and techniques to be the most complete in physical fitness exercises.

The master has a leading role to play, through the physical preparation of the dog, on the confidence at the time of crossings and receptions, and by the provision of techniques so that the dog can exploit its full potential while ensuring a reception Appropriate.

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